On Modern Manners is a new book of aphorisms and epigrams written by Peter King and published in February 2019 by Arktos Media. The book looks at how we live and how we lie about how we live.

‘The attempt to measure happiness is a cause for despair.’

On Modern Manners is for those who dislike the modern world ,but know there is no means of avoiding it. It is for those who believe it is not possible to ever be too ironic, and who see that all we can do about our predicament is laugh.

‘We are captives of our aspirations. And we still think we are free.’

On this site there is a page of aphorisms so you can see what the book is all about, as well as details of some of Peter King’s other books and some of his essays. And, of course, there are more details of the book and, most important of all, where you can buy it.

‘The problem with melancholy is that it takes too much effort. It is always easier just to smile.’

 You can watch an Arktos podcast of Peter discussing the book at: https://arktos.com/2019/02/27/on-modern-manners-with-peter-king/

If  you are interested in reviewing the book please contact Peter King at onmodernmanners@virginmedia.com.